Product Process

What is the process from planting to creating the final product?

We take care of the entire process from the initial stages of growing the Moringa, all the way to the final stages of packaging and preparing our product to be ready for our customers. This way, we can ensure that we are producing a product of the highest quality!


growing-moringaWe grow Moringa Oleifera in Siem Reap Province. We have dedicated farmers that are skilful and knowledgeable in growing and cultivating the highest quality Moringa in Cambodia. After learning the best way to farm Moringa, we are sure that we provide only the best quality products to buy. When the trees are ready, our farmers will harvest the leaves, seeds and other parts of the tree that we use in our products.

Quality Control

We oversee every step of the process from farming to selling. This way we can ensure that we only provide the best quality at all stages of the process. This means that you, the customer, is guaranteed to have the best product possible from SPLEMORINGA.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us and we always used gloves and face-masks when handling our product during the processing stage. After the leaves have been harvested, they are taken to our processing unit where they are cleaned with water and alcohol to ensure that all bacteria has been killed.

We also ensure that our Moringa is 100% organic and we don’t and never will use any chemicals on any of our farms.


After the leaves have been harvested and cleaned, it’s important that they are process in the correct way to maintain a high level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the end product. They are stored in a dry and clean room for 24 hours and left to air dry. This helps to lock the nutrients inside the leaves. After this 24 hour period, they are placed in a specially designed dryer machine at 70 degrees and completely dried.


staffsmallWe use state-of-the-art equipment to turn our dried Moringa leaves into capsules, tablets, tea and powder. All our machines are high quality products that will only deliver the best end product. We strive for nothing less than perfection on all of our products and for this reasons, we have sourced our manufacturing equipment from foreign countries using only the best machinery possible.


We also produce all of our own packing in Siem Reap and package every product ourselves in our processing plant. This way, we can ensure that our product stays clean and that the product is still of the highest quality when packaged ready for the consumer.

At all stages in our production process we strive for the best quality to ensure that you get the best product!