Moringa in Cambodia

You can buy Moringa in Cambodia from SPLEMORINGA! We have a range of products available for you to purchase and we stand by our product to provide you with the best health benefits possible.

Also known as the “The Miracle Tree”, “The Elixir of Long Life”, “Mother’s Best Friend”, “The Tree of Life” and more! It’s easy to see why the whole world is talking about this wonderful natural product and why it is great for your and your family!

There are many health benefits that you can get when you buy one of our great products, which includes: a lower blood pressure, better digestion, stronger immune system, better metabolism, healthy circulatory system and more! Read about them all right here!

Our products are 100% Cambodian!

  • We grow the Moringa Oleifera tree in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia!
  • We process and package the product right here in Cambodia!
  • We exclusively sell our product right here in Cambodia!

Our Products

We currently have 6 products to choose from! Click on the pictures to find out more information about our 100% healthy and natural products!


Growing, Harvesting and Manufacturing!

growing-moringaWe grow this miracle health tree in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our farmers produced some of the highest quality trees in the whole country and our superior trees means that we can make the best possible products.

Our farmers are specially trained to grow and harvest some of the finest quality Moringa Oleifera trees that you will find anywhere in Cambodia! We have spent a long time learning and perfecting our process and we’re now ready to provide the best quality tea, tablets, capsules and powder that you will find anywhere in our country, either imported or grown locally.

We take care of the entire process which means we support our local economy and provide one of the highest quality products that is available on the market today!

Take a look at our product process for more information!

Remember that we are one of the only 100% Cambodian Moringa businesses in the country. We grow, harvest, manufacture and sell all of our products in the Kingdom of Cambodia!


We are a registered company and we strive to provide you with the best product possible. We want to give you the best product but support our local economy at the same time. This is why we decided to grow, cultivate, harvest and product all of our products right here at home in our wonderful country! Our country, our product and your health is very important to us and we will strive to do everything possible to ensure that you receive great health benefits from our quality product made right here in our very own country!

Here at SPLEMORINGA we are always looking at ways to improve our product and ensure that we produce the best quality trees and products all the time.